The objective of the ESPOSA venture is to grow new key segments for little gas turbine motors up to 1000 kW and to grow new lean fabricate advances. The undertaking will likewise manage motor related frameworks that will add to the general impetus unit effectiveness, security and pilot workload diminishment.

The ESPOSA venture intends to convey better GTE motor reasonableness and 10-14% decrease of direct working expenses through the improvement of cutting edge ideas for key motor parts, advancement of lean produce innovations and current motor frameworks enhancing motor general effectiveness and viability. The undertaking will likewise convey new or balanced recreation and configuration devices and strategies for motor incorporation into air ship. The improved reenactment capacity fixes the flying machine plan and spares formative expenses. ESPOSA likewise pioneers the littlest power extend class for the turbine innovation. All these can help little planes and helicopters to better build up themselves as a piece of air transport framework including additionally air taxi operation.

The ESPOSA task will give better reasonableness of little gas turbine motors for littler flying machine producers and to wrap things up add to better assurance of the earth by decreasing CO2/NOx outflows and to proficient utilization of petroleum derivatives.

Task quantifiable destinations

The change of motor productivity must have affect on the Direct Operating Costs (DOC) which are as one with the price tag the significant measurements for financial contemplations. If there should arise an occurrence of ESPOSA venture it is conceivable to accomplish 10-14% DOC diminishment by tending to following expenses subcategories:

a) Better motor reasonableness and decision incl. lessening of deterioration costs

b) Reduction of fuel costs, i.e. fuel utilization decrease

c) Reduction of upkeep and support related expenses

d) Weight and mass decrease

One of the key ESPOSA goals is to lessen the price tag and increment reasonableness of turbine impetus units for little flying machine. High motor cost can preclude the utilization of a motor for little flying machine. The affectability of air ship makers to motor value level is high obviously constantly considered with general effectiveness motor offers.

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