Project Objectives


The goal of the ESPOSA project is to develop new key components for small gas turbine engines up to 1000 kW and to develop new lean manufacture technologies. The project will also deal with engine related systems that will contribute to the overall propulsion unit efficiency, safety and pilot workload reduction.

The ESPOSA project plans to deliver better GTE engine affordability and 10-14% reduction of direct operating costs through the development of advanced concepts for key engine components, development of lean manufacture technologies and modern engine systems improving engine overall efficiency and maintainability. The project will also deliver new or adjusted simulation and design tools and methodologies for engine integration into aircraft. The enhanced simulation capability straightens the aircraft design and saves developmental costs. ESPOSA also pioneers the smallest power range category for the turbine technology. All these can help small airplanes and helicopters to better establish themselves as a part of air transport system including also aero-taxi operation.

The ESPOSA project will provide better affordability of small gas turbine engines for smaller aircraft manufacturers and last but not least contribute to better protection of the environment by reducing CO2/NOx emissions and to efficient use of fossil fuels.

Project measurable objectives

The improvement of engine efficiency must have impact on the Direct Operating Costs (DOC) which are together with the purchase price the major metrics for economic considerations. In case of ESPOSA project it is possible to achieve 10-14% DOC reduction by addressing following costs subcategories:

a) Better engine affordability and choice incl. reduction of depreciation costs
b) Reduction of fuel costs, i.e. fuel consumption reduction
c) Reduction of maintenance and maintenance related costs
d) Weight and mass reduction

One of the key ESPOSA objectives is to reduce the purchase price and increase affordability of turbine propulsion units for small aircraft. High engine price can disqualify the use of an engine for small aircraft. The sensitivity of aircraft manufacturers to engine price level is very high of course always considered with overall efficiency engine offers.