Project Objectives

The objective of the ESPOSA venture is to grow new key segments for little gas turbine motors up to 1000 kW and to grow new lean fabricate advances. The undertaking will likewise manage motor related frameworks that will add to the general impetus unit effectiveness, security and pilot workload diminishment.

The ESPOSA venture intends to convey better GTE motor reasonableness and 10-14% decrease of direct working expenses through the improvement of cutting edge ideas for key motor parts, advancement of lean produce innovations and current motor frameworks enhancing motor general effectiveness and viability. The undertaking will likewise convey new or balanced recreation and configuration devices and strategies for motor incorporation into air ship. The improved reenactment capacity fixes the flying …

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Drive as a key component for promote advancement of the GA segment

The further advancement of general flight (GA) and any pending strides here are generously restricted by accessibility of present day affirmed drive units and solid air ship frameworks. Any sort of air ship/rotorcraft arrangement for future air taxi or local transport will want effective and naturally worthy impetus unit. As the advancement of new motor requires substantially more time than plan of specific flying machine in this classification, the flying machine are typically outlined and based on existing motors. Clearly a modification and customization of motors to wanted execution for specific air ship is regularly vital, yet beginning another motor advancement starting with no outside help is frequently …

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List of Participants

A key component for the choice of accomplices was their eagerness to commit their examination and mechanical limit with respect to the little air ship part. A Czech organization PBS Velká Bíteš is the task organizer with a managerial help of VZLÚ, which picked up the vital experience planning the previously mentioned CESAR venture. The consortium comprises of stable modern organizations (makers of airplane, motors and impetus frameworks) and eminent research establishments and colleges. More than a fourth of the accomplices have a place with the gathering of little and medium ventures (SMEs).…

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Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft

In 2011 the group of European little flying machine makers together with motor and framework producers influenced their dreams to valid inside the fourth call of seventh Framework Program of the EU. Their task proposition ESPOSA (Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft) prevailing in the assessment lastly got the EC financing. Undertaking coordination: and venture organization:

The aspiration of this task is to create and demonstrate imaginative innovations for a group of little gas turbine motors up to approx. 1000 kW, in particular for turboprop/turboshaft motors in the power scope of around 180 kW and 450kW. The venture will likewise manage motor related frameworks that will add to the general impetus unit productivity, wellbeing and pilot workload …

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