Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft

In 2011 the community of European small aircraft manufacturers together with engine and system manufacturers made their visions true within the fourth call of 7th Framework Programme of the EU. Their project proposal ESPOSA (Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft) succeeded in the evaluation and finally received the EC funding. Project coordination: www.pbsvb.cz and project administration: www.vzlu.cz.

The ambition of this project is to develop and prove innovative technologies for a family of small gas turbine engines up to approx. 1000 kW, namely for turboprop/turboshaft engines in the power range of about 180 kW and 450kW. The project will also deal with engine related systems that will contribute to the overall propulsion unit efficiency, safety and pilot workload reduction. In general ESPOSA should deliver one of the smallest turbop/turboshaft engines in the world to the General Aviation sector. The project results should extend significantly a choice and availability of modern efficient turboprop/turboshaft engines with performance range of 400-500 kW. The new engine systems and engine technologies gained through ESPOSA should deliver 10-14% reduction in direct operating costs (DOC) of small aircraft.

First flight - IRI T250 with TS100 - video

First flight - EM 11C Orka with TP100 - video

First flight - ILOT i31T with TP100 - video