In 2011 the group of European little flying machine makers together with motor and framework producers influenced their dreams to valid inside the fourth call of seventh Framework Program of the EU. Their task proposition ESPOSA (Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft) prevailing in the assessment lastly got the EC financing. Undertaking coordination: and venture organization:

The aspiration of this task is to create and demonstrate imaginative innovations for a group of little gas turbine motors up to approx. 1000 kW, in particular for turboprop/turboshaft motors in the power scope of around 180 kW and 450kW. The venture will likewise manage motor related frameworks that will add to the general impetus unit productivity, wellbeing and pilot workload lessening. As a rule ESPOSA ought to convey one of the littlest turbop/turboshaft motors on the planet to the General Aviation segment. The task results ought to expand fundamentally a decision and accessibility of present day productive turboprop/turboshaft motors with execution scope of 400-500 kW. The new motor frameworks and motor advances increased through ESPOSA ought to convey 10-14% lessening in coordinate working costs (DOC) of little air ship.

First flight – IRI T250 with TS100 – Video

First flight – EM 11C Orka with TP100

First flight – ILOT i31T with TP100 – Video

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