Validation and Flight Demonstration

The project specificity is the focus of the project outputs on new technologies and design solutions with a high readiness level for practical use. Specifically it concerns the TRL level of 5-6-(7) (Technology Readiness Level), when the new engine including its systems is already tested in an environment close to the actual operation. This means that after a detailed verification of developed technologies and systems in the "laboratory conditions" of the engine test department, the new propulsion units will also be tested on flying demonstrators. These will take into account the requirements of different aircraft configurations, namely single- and twin-engine aircraft and light helicopters. 

The validation of newly developed engine components will be carried about on the dedicated test benches (BE1, BE2) and in attitude chamber (BE2). The newly developed engine systems will be installed on older type of BE1 engine platforms and the whole propulsion unit will be installed into aircraft. The engine installation and design preparation will use the newly developed tools and procedures developed by ESPOSA project. The quality and functionality of the new tools and procedures will be validated through a realization of real installations on three completely different aircraft configurations (twin pusher, tractor and helicopter). 

First flight demonstrator - IRI T250 with TS100 - video

First flight EM 11C Orka with TP100 - video

First flight - ILOT i31T with TP100 - video