Dissemination activities

The main goal of dissemination activities is to inform the wide aviation community about the ESPOSA project, about its orientation and about available project outputs for further exploitation. Dissemination activities will be oriented both externally (for external organizations) and internally, it means among the ESPOSA consortium members. The following types of activities are planned:

Public awareness activities
Public awareness activities are oriented on spreading the information about the project to the broad community to set the ground for exploitation of results or possible technology transfer. Some of these activities are a base for external communication with the experts or even general public and with other research projects including FPs.

Major public awareness/communication activities planned:

  • Project public website
  • General informative articles in journals, webs, bulletins, press releases, etc.
  • General informative presentations on the other projects workshops or info days
  • Regular contact to aviation communities through well established communication channels (e.g. IMG4-EIGM, ASD, EREA, AeroPortal, EASN, national associations, etc.)
  • Issuing an informative material for external communication (leaflet, posters, etc.)

Scientific/technical publications and presentations
Technical publication activities are an essential part of any European FP projects. Especially research establishments and universities have great interest in having sufficient number of publications within the project. A relatively high number of participants from research sector give substantial potential for publication activities.

Major scientific/technical dissemination activities planned: 

  • Scientific papers and publication on related conferences (ICAS, ISABE, AIAA, CEAS, ASME, ...)
  • Publication in expert journals (besides the renowned journals as e.g. AST (Aerospace Science and Technology), two copies of Aerospace Proceedings Journal  will be issued fully dedicated only to ESPOSA)
  • Organization of specific technical workshops during the ESPOSA duration

Special dissemination and training events

Demonstration events
Unique opportunities such as suggested event(s) connected to the demonstration of technologies on real aircraft will be certainly used and are part of the plans for dissemination. Expert and non-expert public, EC representatives etc. and other professionals will be invited.