Big day for small turbine engines TS100 in Esposa

ILOT first flight

On 12 June the TS100 turboshaft engine brought above the ground the ultralight two-seat helicopter T250 from IRI (Rotor Italian Industry) in the Italian Aprilia. At the same time from the airport in the Polish Bielsko-Biala was released into the sky the single-engine four-seat aircraft I31T from ILOT (Institut Lotnictwa) in Warsaw. The aircraft is powered by TP100 turboprop engine in the towing configuration.
Esposa is reaching to the end of the project. Both demonstrators showed during flight tests no problems, and first flights were smooth and full of emotions. Enthusiasm was also mentioned on the faces of both pilots. 


First flight demonstrator - IRI T250 with TS100 - video

First flight - ILOT i31T with TP100 - video