About Project

Better choice and affordability of modern gas turbine engine for General Aviation.


The further development of general aviation (GA) and any forthcoming steps in this area are substantially limited by availability of modern certified propulsion units and reliable aircraft systems.Any kind of aircraft/rotorcraft configuration for future air taxi or regional transport will desire efficient and environmentally acceptable propulsion unit.

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Project Objectives

The ESPOSA project plans to deliver better GTE engine affordability and 10-14% reduction of direct operating costs through the development of advanced concepts for key engine components, development of lean manufacture technologies and modern engine systems improving engine overall efficiency and maintainability.

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Baseline Engines

Based on the possibilities of the consortium the two Baseline Engines were selected to serve as validation and demonstration platforms for technologies developed by ESPOSA project.

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Validation and Flight Demonstration

The project specificity is the focus of the project outputs on new technologies and design solutions with a high readiness level for practical use. Specifically it concerns the TRL level of 5-6-(7) (Technology Readiness Level), when the new engine including its systems is already tested in an environment close to the actual operation.

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Dissemination activities

The main goal of dissemination activities is to inform the wide aviation community about the ESPOSA project, about its orientation and about available project outputs for further exploitation.

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